Maple Drive Partners

Retained executive search firm serving private equity with a focus on tech founder family offices ($1-150B).Offices in Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley, and a worldwide network, we deliver top-tier talent and resources through your ecosystem.

David Chie, has more than a decade of experience conducting searches for many of the world's largest family office and private equity firms throughout Silicon Valley and beyond.

Executive Search across operations, marketing, finance, HR, technology, and private philanthropy leveraging our global network to find the perfect fit for your organization.Strong track record fulfilling roles including:
* C-suite roles – CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CTO, GC, CoS
* Operational roles including security, IT, maritime, aviation and real estate
* Tax, legal, trustee, philanthropic and fiduciary roles
Talent Advisory Talent and resource-focused family office design, build, and transformations, adapted to your unique requirements and delivered seamlessly, no matter where you are based.

345 N. Maple Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210